A tidy home is a happy home.

Studies indicate that keeping your home in a clean state is vital to your mental as well as physical health.
While your home may look spotless, it might not be a clean as you think. Germs and other harmful organisms could be hiding in most parts of the home, especially the hidden spots. Throughout this post, we’ll take you through the worst offenders.

Read on to find out intriguing facts about germs in our homes.

4 Mind-blowing Facts About Germs in Your Home

1. Faucet Handles are a Stable Habitat for Bacteria

No matter how thorough you are with cleaning your hands, your faucet handles will still be covered by bacteria.
Apart from the automatic faucets, you can’t possibly wash your hands without coming into contact with the handle first.

In the process, you transfer the germs on your hands onto the faucet handle. The germs are then re-transferred to your hands on turning off the faucet.

To keep your faucet handles as clean as possible, ensure that you deep-clean your bathroom regularly.

2. Cutting Boards Contaminate Your Food with Bacteria

Cutting boards are also common habitats for molds and bacteria, such as salmonella.
Incisions made on the board make perfect spaces for bacteria to thrive. Such spaces remain small and damp, which makes it difficult for bacteria to get out. As such, it is vital to scrub and clean your cutting board with hot and soapy after use.

Failure to clean thoroughly means that bacteria will be transferred to the food, which can easily lead to food poisoning.

3. You Need to Wash Your Sheets Regularly

Your bed is a comfy haven, but you may not have an idea of how much bacteria your bedsheets harbor.
Bed sheets are often covered in dust, fungus, mold, and even allergens. What’s worse, bedsheets take in the sweat we produce at night, which translates to a staggering amount of germs over time. Further, the combination of these may result in unpleasant scents in your home.

To curb this scenario, it is essential to wash your sheets and other bed linens at least once a week. You might even consider having your mattress professionally cleaned at least once every year or two to extend the life of your mattress and remove all the dust and allergens that build up over time.

4. Your Smartphone Can Be Dirtier than the Toilet Seat

Your smartphone ranks among the top bacteria-ridden materials in your home. This is because our hands are constantly on the phone.

If you think about it, cleaning your phone is not something that often crosses your mind, right? Forget that quick wipe you might it give it using your sleeve – it doesn’t count!

Failure to clean our phones explains why these devices could carry ten times as much bacteria as a toilet seat.

Eliminate Germs with no Hassles

These facts may have brought you to the realization of the need for deep cleaning your home. If so, leave the dirty work for us.

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